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BICH_Pronunciation & Speaking Training Class

Topic: Used To vs Be Used To


1. Habit

2. Happened : happen /t/

Topic: The Best Way To Learn English 


1. English

2. Opinion

3. When *speaking

Raise your voice when stressing a syllables

Topic: Favourite Holiday? 


1. I have

2. A kid (no s)

3. Party

4. Always

5. Adult

6. The second reason (secondly)

Topic 3: Do you prefer living in a country or in a city?


  1. Do you prefer
  2. Grew up
  3. Các âm nhấn, không nhấn thì nói nhỏ và về dấu huyền
  4. Culture
  5. Social
  6. A lot of
  7. Facilily /fəˈsɪlɪti/
  8. Necessity
  9. Besides
  10. Bookstore( not Sbookstore)


  1. Fresh weather, clean air, peaceful place (liệt kê ngang hàng)
  2. Feel *comfortable and enjoyable
  3. The living…and entertainment ARE.. BORING
  4. We have more time (why? Don’t have to work hard, don’t have to) more time for ourselves?
  5. It’s less
  6. Entertaiment is not ??
  7. Life in my hometown is not stress??
  8. Go camping (not go to camping)
  9. Decide to live or decide to choose living….
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