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TUYEN - Pronunciation & Speaking Training Class

Topic: Best way to learn English

1. English ( ʃ )

2. Should speak and listen every day (Modal verb)

3. When you talk every day (not talking)

4. Use /juːz/

5. Explain /ɪkˈspleɪn/

6. Should /ʃʊd/

7. When you listen frequently (often, regularly)

8. Review a lot of English words when you speak out

9. In the situation?

10. You can learn a lot ( or you can learn a lot of English when you listen every day)


Topic 3: Do you prefer living in a City Or Country? 

1. This is (TH)

2. Do you (speak slower, focus on pronunciation) 

3. I think

4. Age

5. Characteristic (not character)

6. Good

7. Have many choices

8. Bored (not boring)

9. Many places

(Take 5 things then make 4 sentences (3,4 items) like there are 3 books, there are many books….)

10. Big city always has..

11. What is the last sentence?


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